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Terms of use will help keep everything on the site in shape. Ensure users get the best playing field when accessing our website. Do you agree with that?

A well-functioning website always needs terms of use to ensure everyone’s interests. This website is no exception, we have general rules for all participants including you. All of these terms are based on the consistency of the website founders, including the rules set forth by the owners. Therefore, compliance with the general terms is one of the things that you need to ensure when using this website.

Terms of use at our website

If you’ve ever looked through the about us section of this website, you’ll have a better understanding of how we operate. This website is proud to bring you free FNF online games. Of course, we are not the creators of this game, and we respect the “brain” that the authors have put in.

If you play Friday Night Funkin online game at this site, it means that you will have to follow the general rules to ensure that everything is in available order. Please carefully review the terms of service that we prescribe below to have a safe and suitable playground for all types of players.

Friday Night Funkin Mods
Friday Night Funkin Mods

Privacy Policy

Why do we mention privacy policy in the first place? Because it directly affects the use of user data through information processing and security. The privacy policy section of the website explains this in more detail. Please make sure you read and understand this carefully before you start using our website.

Copyright issue at this site

All content about FNF on this website, including images and games, is not under our control. We only provide content suitable for each game version so that players can better understand. Of course, this content is created by us and not shared with anyone. You can send us a message at info@fnfgame.com if you spot theft at this site.

Display ads

Most of the games at our site have advertising integrated and we are directly responsible for this. However, the advertising content will appear randomly, we cannot manage this content correctly. Therefore, we will strive to make every ad relevant to certain audiences through generated algorithms.

Of course, there will be ads that are not suitable for you, contact us as soon as that happens. We will fix this.

Secure internet connection

To experience the games at our site, you need to prepare a stable internet connection. All games are developed on the web platform with HTML5 format, so ensuring a stable internet will help you experience the most stable way.

Licenses and Access Rights

Our website encourages people from all over the world to join, so it won’t limit the amount of traffic. However, to ensure the best experience, you won’t be able to edit the FNF to your liking. This is really needed at the moment. Accordingly, FNF is still released in two main formats at the moment, FNF online and FNF download. You can choose according to your preferences.


Up to now, we only provide one way for users to contact, that is through an email address. Most of our games and related articles are attached to our email addresses. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@fnfgame.com.

Register and use a user account at the site

We encourage you to register and create an account on this website. This will give you a lot of advantages when playing the FNF games you love. However, if you have an account, you will need to agree to our data privacy policy. Include your account’s personal information, username, and password.

Terms may change in the future

Any new terms will help all users, including us, feel better. Therefore, regularly changing the terms in the near future will create a healthier and fresher playing field. We feel that the old terms will not be completely relevant for some time, so a change is absolutely necessary. This means that you need to agree to these changes in order to continue using our services.

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