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Privacy policy is very necessary for every website, it will help users better understand security issues. You will know what your information will be used for.

The privacy policy is an important part for users during their use of our website. Because we will collect some user information. Then come up with the best solutions for each audience and know what you want to do next. Along with terms of use, privacy policy always appears in websites today. For better understanding, please continue to refer to this article.

Information that we collect

From the first time we use this website, we will collect information about each user. This work will take place even if you are enjoying a certain FNF game on our website.

Besides, in all games, we have some content about the FNF game to help you better understand. For now, we will find out together what information we will collect from users.

  • Information that you register: including username, profile picture, profile, password, email address.
  • Basic information: including your preferences, playing style.
  • Information to play ads: including IP address, the country you live in, time zone, games you have played, internet speed, etc.
  • Information from third parties: including social networking sites, like Facebook. We collect your public data on social networking sites.
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Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend Download

Why is these information necessary?

Some of the reasons below will help you better understand the above question:

  • The collection of information will help us control the traffic of users to the website.
  • Support, answer all questions about the user experience in an optimal way.
  • Collecting information also helps us avoid reveal IP addresses, illegal activities.
  • The advertising process will become easier.

Manage and change information?

Of course, it is legal, you can visit your personal page at our website to do that. Currently, we provide quite a few methods to help users add, edit, and delete the information as they wish. The special thing is that you will not need to use your real name on our website. Everything is anonymous because we respect privacy for everyone.

Cookies help collect information better

The collection of information from cookies is so common. We would rather spend more time talking about this method instead of briefly describing it as above. As you may not know, cookies consist of small text files sent by your computer each time you visit our website. At this site, we will use a limited number of cookies. But rest assured it will be compatible with any device for the time being.

Information protection

In addition to the above factors, we also try to develop security technologies for personal user information. The database will be secure in terms of security. This is known only to a few employees at our site. These employees will be responsible for data management and they have access to the system.

However, we believe that no security system can guarantee 100% security. Preventing all potential security breaches will be done. But hackers won’t let that happen for too long. Therefore, we will always upgrade the system from time to time. Hoping that luck will always smile on us.

Privacy Policy is subject to change

Have you ever heard the saying “nothing lasts forever”? The same goes for the privacy policy on our website. Over time, so many things will change. The current privacy policy will no longer be as effective as it is now. Therefore, the change will help to make it more trendy. And of course, we will notify you via email if there are any changes. If you have any questions about these changes, don’t forget to contact us.

In addition to the privacy policy, the terms of use of FNF online at our website had in a long article. Please refer to both of these issues to better understand how our website works.

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