MOD Friday Night Funkin Multiplayer: Compete In Music Competition

Mod Friday Night Funkin Multiplayer is your chance to play FNF in a more vivid way. It is being greeted with enthusiasm by the new online multiplayer mode.

MOD Friday Night Funkin Multiplayer is a special game version of FNF that you cannot ignore. You can play it online right at our website in the new multiplayer mode. In addition, you can also use Friday Night Funkin mods to enjoy great features. A series of unique skins have been unlocked for you. Download it easily right here now to conquer the hottest music matches.

FNF Multiplayer

As you know, FNF is the most exciting music game currently on the PC platform. Besides, the Friday Night Funkin mobile version also makes players feel excited. The levels with exciting but challenging music will captivate you so much that you can’t give up. Click the arrow keys on your keyboard to match to complete the notes and make great tunes. Yes, it seems easy to understand the gameplay but the difficult levels will make you frustrated. So if you’re a new player, it’s normal to have low scores.

Multiplayer - a new mod FNF version
Multiplayer – a new mod FNF version

But for some reason, until now, FNF only has a solo mode. It makes this game more passive in connecting its large community of players. But there is an unexpected good news, which is the MOD Friday Night Funkin Mutiplayer. This is the best mod version for you to enjoy the online multiplayer game like never before. So what will it have? We will let you know shortly.

Features of MOD Friday Night Funkin Multiplayer

Unlike the MOD version of FNF skins, this version offers a 1v1 game mode for you to confront another player directly. This is the only way for you to participate in a free multiplayer battle on your PC. Here are some of the special features it has:

  • New game mode: FNF Multiplayer – where online 1v1 matches take place.
  • Activate separate health bars for each player in online multiplayer matches.
  • Traditional game mode: play FNF free online in singlemode or download it and enjoy.
  • Features help debug and improve the running speed of games on the computer. It is helpful to avoid triggers that interfere with your experience.

How to install MOD Friday Night Funkin Multiplayer

We have provided the new MOD file of FNF right here on this website. Just click it to download it to your computer, then extract the file and install as usual. But notice, if you have downloaded FNF of other versions before, please delete them before downloading this new MOD version. If it still doesn’t work, delete and reload or give us feedback. If you don’t want to install it, you can play it online.

Download FNF multiplayer 32 bits Download FNF multiplayer 64 bits

As such, you can now experience the new game mode in FNF without waiting any longer. Instead of playing singlemode and racing against yourself, you will have the opportunity to compete with another player. Show them your musical talent and earn a bunch of unique rewards. You can do that now.

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