Funkin’ Forward F3: The Latest Updates Of The MOD FNF Version

Funkin' Forward F3 not only brings updates to famous MOD versions, but also the appearance of new MOD versions. What special do you expect from this event?

Funkin’ Forward F3 has officially returned in anticipation of many fans of the famous FNF series. This is one of the biggest events in the FNF community annually, usually once a year. During this event, MOD version developers will showcase or launch their latest releases. However, there are also some well-known publishers who only participated in the event and are not in a hurry to launch new versions in this event.

Having certain problems

The announcement about the Friday Night Funkin event
The announcement about the Friday Night Funkin event

According to the announcement board of the Friday Night Funkin event, Funkin’ Forward F3 will occur online on July 9 but has encountered certain problems. Specifically, about 5 minutes before the time of publication, it was announced that it would be delayed. However, everything was secured the next day, and the Funkin Forward July 2021 event was officially launched on the 12th. If you did not participate in this event directly, continue to refer to the article for information.

Famous MODs in Funkin’ Forward F3

After a period of waiting, the event happened in accordance with the expectations of FNF fans around the world. Specifically, updates from famous MODs have gradually appeared in the 39-minute video from the organizers. Here are some famous MODs that will make you feel excited:

FNF HD Week 5: The appearance of this MOD in the event made players “standstill”. Accordingly, the publisher has confirmed its updated version will be available in the near future and will add a new week.

FNF NEO 3.0: This update for the MOD version is not only an additional version, but it also edits a lot of features. This will definitely make players feel the difference in everything when experiencing FNF NEO 3.0.

Smoke Em Out Struggle + 2.0: An updated version will be available in the next few weeks with drastic improvements. This information is verified by the publisher itself and is ready to launch to players in the near future.

In addition, other MOD versions are also confirmed to update during this event. Includes FNF RPG, VS NDXL, VS Bob 2.0, FNF Moonlight, VS NDXL, GF Demon, and more.

The appearance  of new FNF MOD versions

Many versions of FNF MOD during the event
Many versions of FNF MOD during the event

The most awaited part of the Funkin’ Forward F3 event has arrived. Publishers introduce new MOD versions in turn, refer to the following:

  • VS Omori
  • Monday Dusk Monolith
  • VS Geno
  • Monday Dusk Monolith
  • Friday Night Funkin ‘Soft
  • Monday Dusk Monolith

Most of these upcoming Friday Night Funkin online MODs are introduced in the form of trailers. Although there is not too much information about them. However, viewers can still know the visual design and sound quality of each version.

Of course, the names mentioned above are just the most prominent MOD versions appearing in this event. Besides, there are many other MODs that have not given the necessary information. We will try to receive information about other MOD versions included in this event and add them to you as soon as possible.We hope that FNF Forward Launcher on PC will be more in the future. Thereby, players can experience many attractive versions of FNF with more interesting improvements. How do you feel about this Funkin’ Forward F3 event? Does it really satisfy your expectations in the long run?

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