Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven

How to play: Press the arrow buttons on the keyboard to complete the main tunes in the game

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About Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven

Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven

Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven is a new change compared to previous versions. You will play in the opposite direction, i.e. the notes will fall from top to bottom.

Mod versions of FNF Rhythm always bring players certain interesting things to enjoy. If you are looking forward to a complete innovation in many aspects, then try playing Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven mod. It fully converges the most attractive elements of the FNF series, along with many interesting innovations.

In this mod, you will transform into a BF guy and discover the best songs from Sound Voltex Heavenly Haven. All four tracks are available, including Made in Love, Sayonara Planet Wars, I, and Fin4le. So, we believe that each song tune will bring you something new and a whole new challenge.

Basically, players can choose the difficulty in this Friday Night Funkin battle. There are four different levels for each player from basic to advanced. For example, Novice is for new players, Advanced is for those with certain experience, or Maximum is for those who want to challenge themselves.

Friday Night Voltex Heavenly Haven unblocked is ready to give players a whole new experience. This is one of the carefully invested mod versions, so you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen while playing. Enjoy now by playing the game right on your device’s browser.

Please support some of the people who created this mod through the media if you want:

  • FullCombro: Director
  • YoshiBobby: Cool Guy, Even Cooler Art
  • K.M.D, Lazorical: I Programmed Some
  • Sebastian, Dmillion: Create a Charter
  • Bruhba: Create Beep Boop Maker
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