Friday Night Incident

Get Friday Night Incident download and immerse yourself in music nights with BF against Trololo. You can explore up to 8 songs and many unique cutscenes here.

Friday Night Incident week 7 is where BF will have crazy music wars with GF’s uncle. Catchy and fast melodies, good images and smooth animations will keep you fun.

One day, GF took BF to see his uncle, Mr. Trololo. But he doesn’t seem to like BF and wants to challenge him in musical battles. It’s an exciting start to the exciting music nights in this Friday Night Funkin fanmade. And you will have up to 8 songs to play during the concerts here.

Friday Night Incident Fangame Full Week
Friday Night Incident Fangame Full Week

Songs with fast tempo and catchy will make you unable to ignore. Do not choose Hard level if you are a new player becaude it delivers tracks with a crazy fast tempo that you can’t catch your breath. So make sure you are experienced and qualified enough to play at this level, if not, you can start with easy or normal.

Download Friday Night Incident Week 2 DemoDownload Friday Night IncidentDownload Friday Night Incident Soundtrack

In each song, your job is to use the arrow keys to conquer the rhythm. The musical notes will run on the screen and you need to click the keys to match them. If you don’t miss too many notes, you can win against your opponent. The game will then reveal to you exciting 2D cutscenes.

FNF Girlfriend Full Week will have the participation of three main characters, including GF. So it’s pretty close to the original FNF both in terms of gameplay and visuals. But you’ll find the game setting and music to be refreshing. The lines, cutscenes and dance are also a bit new, promising to keep you excited while exploring.

So, if you’re ready, get Friday Night Incident free download to your PC. You will accompany BF and familiar friends through great music nights with this game. Show your rhythmic talent to conquer every track!

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