Friday Night Funkin vs Momi

How to play: The arrow buttons on the keyboard are the only means of playing the game

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About Friday Night Funkin vs Momi

Friday Night Funkin vs Momi

Have you ever thought about a Girlfriend being turned into a black girl? Try to experience Friday Night Funkin vs Momi right now to feel the excitement that this brings.

FNF Momi unblocked, this is a very special mod when our Girlfriend has black skin. Why is that so? That’s right, it was Momi – the villain who did it to challenge Boyfriend. According to, when joinning the game, the player needs to help his main character reclaim justice for his girlfriend. So how? That’s playing music, the best work we’ve ever done.

Challenge Momi to rescue Girlfriend

To rescue Girlfriend is not an easy thing at all. Because Momi possesses the impressive singing ability, along with extremely skillful dance moves. Of course, this is actually one of the mods of fnf game online, so the rhythm of the songs in the game is also designed quite fast. This means that you should choose an easy level to get familiar with each available song.

Basically, our Boyfriend guy has only one way to rescue Girlfriend, which is to defeat Momi. So, you are the companion of this main character throughout the competition. If you are familiar with Friday Night Funkin online, it will not take you too long to understand how this mod version works.

Music used:

Nazel, Momi-Roll and Nek0

Mod version made by:

  • bbpanzu: the main author has the role of sound designer, animation, programming, etc. In general, he is the only one who does all the mod stages in this version.

Original FNF version:

  • ninja_muffin99 as a programmer
  • KadeDev supports programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilk8r are the main artists
  • kawaisprite music design
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