Friday Night Funkin vs Henry

How to play: The arrow buttons on the keyboard are the main control operation in the game

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About Friday Night Funkin vs Henry

Friday Night Funkin vs Henry

Friday Night Funkin vs Henry is an extremely interesting combination between the traditional stickman style and the legendary FNF game. Let’s learn about this mod.

Friday Night Funkin vs Henry unblocked, an extremely interesting music competition between Boyfriend and stickman is about to take place. Therefore, your task is to help Boyfriend beat Henry – a stickman who has the ability to sing extremely well. Is it really that easy to beat this guy? So, try to experience the game right now to discover for yourself.

What do you know about the guy Henry?

Basically, Henry is one of the most simple-looking villains to date. He has only a few simple strokes, along with a confident face and no clothes on her body. However, this is really fitting because this guy is in the traditional stickman style. In this mod version, players will compete based on two Break-in songs, Midnight and Tickets-please! Basically, they are fast-paced, so prepare yourself mentally if you don’t want to lose.

In general, FNF Henry is essentially a skill free online game identical to the famous original. Therefore, the gameplay in this mod version will be preserved to help players feel familiar. Accordingly, the control method will also work similar to FNF, you will use the arrow buttons on the keyboard to be able to play the game. So, if you love games with the appearance of guys like Henry, you can refer to Stick Figure game.

Original FNF version:

  • Programming by ninjamuffin99
  • Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
  • Kawai Sprite as a music producer

MOD version made by:

  • Arantastic_YT
  • Artist/Modder
  • Artist Drew assets. Implemented these assets ingame
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