Friday Night Funkin VS Girlfriend

How to play: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to help BF perform his musical performance

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About Friday Night Funkin VS Girlfriend

Friday Night Funkin VS Girlfriend

Friday Night Funkin VS Girlfriend offers the most unique music contest ever. Where the player will control the guy BF to join the voice with GF to create great duets.

Confronting your girlfriend is never an easy job, even BF is like that. FNF Girlfriend online will help you enjoy a clash that has never had in previous FNF mod versions. Here, the BF guy will compete in music and try to win against his girlfriend. Of course, he won’t put too much emphasis on achievements, but you need to put in your best efforts to create a good duet.

The gameplay of FNF Vs Girlfriend unblocked will not change too much compared to the traditional Friday Night Funkin games. Therefore, you will still try to touch the arrow icons on the screen at the right time to complete your performance well. If you miss too many song tunes, your odds of losing will be higher. The context and sound system of the mod version will not have too many special changes. Thanks to that, you can feel the familiarity right from the first time playing the game.

In addition, this mod version is also really optimized on many different browsers and devices. If you are looking for a FNF mod with new music competitions, then FNF Girlfriend is the best FNF mods online at the moment.

This mod version is from:

  • AjTheFunky : Make Mashup, art
  • GenoX: Performing BF and GF UTAU Voicebanks

Don’t forget to support the developers so they can make better mod versions in the future.

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