Friday Night Funkin SUS Mod

How to play: Follow the movement of the musical notes on the screen and tap the arrow buttons precisely

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About Friday Night Funkin SUS Mod

Friday Night Funkin SUS Mod

Friday Night Funkin SUS Mod is where BF guy raps against imposters from the world Among Us. Your task is to help our main character to win this music competition.

Competing for rap music is not BF’s forte, but our main character needs to do whatever it takes to win. You may not know, Sussy in FNF SUS Mod unblocked is one of the top rap players up to now. Therefore, a match between BF and Sussy is really not balanced at all and you are the only ally of the BF guy. Like most of the previous Friday Night Funkin online versions, you need to hit the right notes at the right time to score points. Don’t care about the opponent, because he is pre-programmed and always does his part well.

Initially, the notes will move slowly and gradually increase in speed in real-time. This means you need to stay focused all the time to make sure fnf Boyfriend doesn’t miss any tunes. In fact, the notes will not always move slowly, but a lot depends on the rhythm of each song. For example, FNF Among Us only appeared in two songs called sussus-turugus and Imposter (Freeplay). Both of these songs have a fast tempo right from the first play so everything will be very difficult for you. Try your hand at Story Mode to start everything from scratch, and Free Play mode if you’re confident in your skills. Overall, everything in this mod version will not change too much compared to other FNF games on the web browser.

Friday Night Funkin SUS Mod version made by:

  • Vitamina Carlos as Artist/Coder/Songs and Concepts Remixer
  • Retrospect Gamer has the role of Charting
  • Frappe is the Background Artist
  • ThatOneAqua has the role of Charting and Coding Assistant
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