Friday Night Funkin’ Soft

How to play: Tap the arrow keys that correspond to the arrow icons that run across the screen to the rhythm of the music

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About Friday Night Funkin’ Soft

Friday Night Funkin’ Soft

Play FNF Soft online and join the journey of a new musical competition with the familiar BF guy. Not only music but it also has interwoven stories for you to discover.

Dozens of songs are available to play in your stages with Friday Night Funkin Soft full week. So you can choose your favorite songs and compete with new friends from different regions. Besides, you will have a new companion but not a GF but a guy who always wears a black mask. Moreover, countless special characters will appear in your levels, from talented girls and boys to cheering fans. They promise to rock the music party everywhere you go and challenge you to achieve a record score. So don’t stop anywhere because loads of fun are always ahead in BF’s journey to becoming an artist.

FNF Soft online will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen because the arrows run as fast as the wind. They can confuse you if you don’t have the concentration as an artist. Therefore, don’t let anxiety stop your journey as new stories will continue as you progress through the levels. Not only the music, this mod has been very elaborate in each dialogue alternating between the levels. It reveals secrets about relationships you never knew known between BF and many other special characters in Friday Night Funkin games.

This mod comes from a team of talented creators, including:

  • Mod creator: Tamacoochi.
  • Graphics team: Drizz, starrieblu, EvanClubYT, elikapika and more.
  • Music team: starrieblu, MegaBlade, Hamm slam…
  • Programming team: disky, starrieblu, Smokey_5, …
  • And many others in the charting and support team.
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