Friday Night Funkin’: One Lyrical Line

How to play: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to hit the right notes at the right time

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About Friday Night Funkin’: One Lyrical Line

Friday Night Funkin’: One Lyrical Line

Friday Night Funkin’: One Lyrical Line is the place for you to compete in music with signature lines. They have no real shape, so you have to do well on your test.

FNF mods all give players unique-shaped opponents. But have you ever thought about playing music with a series of lines and different shapes? Join the FNF One Lyrical Line mod to meet perhaps the weirdest villains ever. The villains will change continuously after each level, some of them are random and some are simple lines.

Do not be too concerned, because the new music system is the highlight that makes this mod version special. There are many great songs that you can enjoy in the game, up to 6 songs. There are some typical names such as Lines, Scribbled, seniL, or skot that will surely make you interested.

One Lyrical Line FNF free to play still offers the two usual game modes, Story and Free Play. Both modes require players to do their best to get the highest score after each song.

So you need to make sure you can touch the arrow at the right time when it matches the specified position. Of course, you can also miss a few times if you don’t stay focused, but don’t miss too many times in a row. Besides, everything will be over if you can’t complete your part to the fullest, and BF will lose.

FNF One Lyrical Line mod version made by:

  • skyeetee is Sprites, Directed
  • ash237 is Sprite Artist / Animator, Composer, Coder
  • Comgaming_Nz is Artist
  • Biohazard_Boi is Sprite Artist/Animator, Composer
  • Jorclai is Composer/Artist
  • Rareblin is Composer
  • Fidy50 creates Charter
  • MoonScarf is Coder, Charter
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