FNF Vs Void

How to play: Press the arrow keys on your keyboard in order and match the musical notes

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About FNF Vs Void

FNF Vs Void

Welcome to FNF Vs Void mod online, one of the legendary shows from FNF fans. It is where you will face off against Void, a popular pop star, in dozens of new songs.

AC Void is a singer who is popular worldwide for her singing talent and immortal songs. He heard that FNF Boyfriend had won rock star Daddy Dearest recently and he was surprised. So he decided to challenge you to the upcoming concerts to test your talent.

The music challenge will run for several weeks with exciting title tracks. It starts with the first week and has up to 3 songs to play. The songs are “Asteroids”, “Weightless” and “Event Horizon” which are songs with crazy rhythms that make you unable to relax. If you win the first week, you can unlock the new week.

In this week, Void will challenge you to his own songs, which are “Ultraviolet” and “Gravity”. And if you continue to win, you will have a nice concert on the last song “Singularity”. Bustling music shows with sparkling spotlights will make you unable to ignore them.

In addition, this Friday Night Funkin Mods online mod also has another song in the freeplay menu, which is “Security”. You also have a chance to find another pop star hidden in this menu. Try to find out who he is and enjoy another super fun song “Stardust”!

Since the FNF new game release date, this game has made many gamers restless. It is thanks to the charm of the songs that are unbeatable over the weeks and interesting stories between music stars. You will become a part of the band and have impressive performances for the audience, so are you ready?

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