FNF vs Sonic.exe 2 Minus Hottler

How to play: Click the corresponding arrow key when the arrow key on the screen touches the last point

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About FNF vs Sonic.exe 2 Minus Hottler

FNF vs Sonic.exe 2 Minus Hottler

FNF Sonic.exe 2 Minus Hottler unblocked is an updated version of FNF Sonic Exe 2. You can meet familiar characters from the previous version in a new unique shape.

Those who love the Sonic mod version cannot miss this game, one of the best mods of FNF full week online. Different from the previous normal version, this time, you will see new images from the characters to the background and effects in the game. You will have exciting confrontations with Sonic throughout the week with dozens of unique songs. But it’s not as fun as you think, it’s confrontations for survival. Sonic in his new form looks more terrifying and his playing style is also different. You will find the matches are more intense than ever on the music with a hint of death. So, if you love ghosts, this style of music will make you so excited that you can’t stop.

The music in FNF Sonic Exe 2 mod will have a rather slow speed in the prelude. But then, it’s horribly fast in the middle and beyond. So you have to learn to face the challenge right from the middle of the song, paying attention to your fingers to click the right arrow at the right time. The music playing mechanism in FNF Minus remains the same, but it gives you a more novel feeling in a new context. The effects are also better and the characters are also more expressive.

This mod comes from:

  • RightBurstUltra: Mod owner and artist.
  • MarStarBro, Vania and UpTaunt: Composer of songs in the mod.
  • Razencro: Both a programmer, a chart maker and video editor.
  • Madzilla: Character chart creator and vocals creator.
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