FNF vs QT Mod 2.0

How to play: Conquer the music with your playing skills with the arrow keys on your keyboard

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About FNF vs QT Mod 2.0

FNF vs QT Mod 2.0

FNF VS QT full week is a relatively difficult Mod where you compete with QT. You will have to defeat her in a random encounter and pass the tracks at tremendous speed.

We are happy to find FNF vs QT Mod 2.0 unblocked because it’s a great mod. It is very close to the original FNF games but feels new and fun. Here, you will play music with BF, GF and confront QT, a beautiful robot girl. It is a random war but you have a purpose to join it.

The innovation of FNF QT does not come from the gameplay, of course, it still keeps the rhythmic playing with the arrows on the keyboard. So you don’t seem to need 1 minute to reach the game, but conquering it is not so easy. The game is rated as having a great difficulty, especially after the 3rd song.

The songs you can play in this game as FNF Boyfriend include Carefree, Careless, Censory-Overload. Also some more songs will be available to play after you beat the story without botplay. These include Termination, Cessation and Interlope. So there’s a total of 6 different songs to enjoy, it’s great!

This mod comes from two creators, Hazardous24 and CountNightshade. They take care of everything from programming, creating animations, music, charts, graphics and more. If you love this game and look forward to its updates, you can follow them on Youtube, or Twitter…

FNF VS QT will be an interesting choice in your list of rhythm games on the online browser here. It will challenge you in many of the best songs to test your speed and musical ability. So, are you ready to meet QT in new battles?

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