FNF vs Psychic (Mind Games Mod)

How to play: Use the arrow buttons on the keyboard, then tap them according to the corresponding musical notes that appear on the screen

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About FNF vs Psychic (Mind Games Mod)

FNF vs Psychic (Mind Games Mod)

FNF vs Psychic (Mind Games Mod) is about a musical competition between Boyfriend and a mysterious psychic. So why would he want to compete with Boyfriend in the game?

Hearing rumors about Boyfriend’s talent for a long time, Psychic decided to go to where this guy lived and challenge him to musical battles. Accordingly, Friday Night Funkin’ Mind Games exploits this character’s image quite well when he is not an ordinary human being. Psychic’s voice and musical performance are mainly due to the powerful magic he possesses. Play FNF vs Psychic unblocked online, your mission is to beat this guy in all the music competitions.

Accordingly, FNF new week VS Psychic is a completely new version mod for FNF. Thereby, it brings unique experience characteristics, along with carefully invested songs. Moreover, the creators of this mod also promise to constantly add new tracks to keep players entertained. If you are a fan of FNF games, try to experience this game, we believe it will not disappoint you.

Updated, developed mod version by:

  • RiverOaken : Artist
  • Shadow Mario is a Programmer
  • iFlicky is Composer
  • Salvati as “Late Drive” Composer
  • slabraccoon : panda
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