FNF vs NeedleStick Sonic

How to play: Click the left, right, up and down arrow keys to complete the tunes

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About FNF vs NeedleStick Sonic

FNF vs NeedleStick Sonic

FNF vs NeedleStick Sonic full week is an interesting mod where you can play music with an adorable doll. Challenge your opponents to a single track in multiple levels.

Music lovers are familiar with Friday Night Funkin games, but what about theirs mods? Among the great mod games, FNF vs NeedleStick Sonic is a fun choice to try. Here, you will meet new characters and enjoy new songs but with familiar gameplay.

You just met an adorable doll near a landfill, and all of a sudden, it’s better at singing than you think. So, BF challenged it in the upcoming concerts to the music of the song Castoff. And you need to give him a hand to win and score new records.

The gameplay of the game seems to be no different from the original FNF games or FNF mods. You will play music using the arrow keys on the keyboard to complete the corresponding arrows running on the screen. And you need to click accurately and quickly to overcome your opponent’s speed.

Although there is only one song, the game will delight you with many familiar options. You can choose the level from easy to difficult according to your ability to enjoy the tunes at different speeds. Besides, the novelty of the character image and the context are also the highlights of this game.

If you love FNF vs NeedleStick Sonic, follow its creators to get the latest updates. They are:

  • Vasalto: In charge of coding and composing, and the main director.
  • ranfring: The main animator and artist.
  • Rotty: Chart creator.
  • MajorasMax: Plays a role in creating melodies.
  • DrawPant: Also an artist.

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Ivy is a huge fan of music rhythm games, especially FNF. Ivy oftens looking for new music rhythm games to experience in their spare time. Thereby, she will relieve pressure after stressful working and studying hours.

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