FNF Vs. Mommy Long Legs

How to play: Click the arrow keys correctly as soon as it hits the finish line to score points and beat your opponent

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About FNF Vs. Mommy Long Legs

FNF Vs. Mommy Long Legs

FNF Mommy Long Legs unblocked is a true horror rhythm fight. You have to face two typical characters in the game Poppy Playtime through each stage and many creepy songs.

Don’t hesitate to test one of the best and most novel FNF Mods here. It brings famous horror characters to join the most gruesome musical competition. And of course, you are the victim in this crazy chase and need to play music to escape.

Your first mission is the song “Hug me”, you have to play it while running away from Huggy Wuggy. He just needs a hug from you but of course, it scares you. So will you stop or sing to conquer him? The choice is yours and don’t forget the classical gameplay with the arrow keys.

After this competition, don’t be too happy if you pass Huggy Wuggy’s chase. Because the next challenge is much more difficult when you have to face Mommy Long Legs, a giant pink spider. One song to play is “Special Guest” with a fast and hard to control tune.

If you can pass the challenges in FNF Playtime Poppy, there is a reward for you. It’s an extra song in the freeplay menu, Mommytime, where you have to face the long-legged spider again. It is indeed a tough fight, but it is worth it for the best here.

FNF Vs. Mommy Long Legs full week really attracts with its horror story and catchy songs. So, if you want to know more about it, play the game yourself and follow its creators on social platforms. They are:

  • Richilix: The person in charge of creating charts, programming and animating.
  • Hippo Boii: Composer of tracks in the mod.

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Ivy is a huge fan of music rhythm games, especially FNF. Ivy oftens looking for new music rhythm games to experience in their spare time. Thereby, she will relieve pressure after stressful working and studying hours.

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