FNF vs Johnny the Slime

How to play: Handle in-game music through the keyboard's built-in arrow button system

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About FNF vs Johnny the Slime

FNF vs Johnny the Slime

FNF vs Johnny the Slime offers familiar gameplay, but the opponent you will face will be completely new. That’s Slime – a cowboy nicknamed Johnny. So, is it easy to defeat him?

FNF Johnny the Slime HTML5 brings players to a small pub in the Wild West. That is a place a cowboy with the name Johnny is teasing our protagonist Boyfriend. He asked for a musical competition, right here and now. Of course, Boyfriend wouldn’t pass up this opportunity to teach him a lifelong lesson. Try playing Friday Night Funkin mods this time to better understand.

Accept the offer to compete with Johnny the Slime

Johnny the Slime is an aggressive cowboy. However, he possesses a tall appearance along with an emotional and powerful voice. So, this cowboy can handle the high notes of the song melodies smoothly, without too much difficulty. However, arrogance is sometimes a double-edged sword that makes him easily defeated. Have you found Johnny’s fatal weakness yet? Exploit this for instant win.

How to play FNF Johnny the Slime without download

Currently, players can play FNF Johnny the Slime without download using your device’s browser. This will make things easier than ever, anyone can access and experience FNF Rhythm online games instantly. Besides, the gameplay of this game is also quite familiar. That is, you only need to touch the musical notes in a reasonable way to achieve the highest score after each match. Thereby, defeat the opponent immediately without too much difficulty.

Mod Version:

  • GlitchyGelatinous in charge of Team Director, Supported with multiple tasks
  • W3egee has a Programmer role
  • GAMER_WORD : Rules
  • Piesariusz27 is the Main Composer in the game
  • JohnnyJellyJaw is the Week 1 Sprite Artist
  • Background Artist: RigorMarcy

Original FNF version:

  • Game Programming – ninja_muffin99
  • KadeDev – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – MUSIC
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