FNF Vs Immortal Sonic.exe Mod

FNF Vs Immortal Sonic.exe Mod unblocked is ready to bring you the musical competition of two familiar characters, get ready to enjoy it.

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Immortal Sonic.exe Mod has the appearance of one of the most notable villains, Sonic. He’s back and ready to challenge BF to a music competition.

The context of this FNF Sonic HD version has had a certain improvement compared to previous mods. You will participate in the music competition in the dark surroundings. Most of the objects have been in darkness, thereby highlighting the image of the BF guy, the GF girl, and the villain Sonic.

FNF Vs Immortal Sonic.exe Mod Free Download
FNF Vs Immortal Sonic.exe Mod Free Download

The music contest will still exploit the notes on the screen, where you must complete the correct requirements to get the highest score. The notes move continuously so you must always keep your concentration high. Do not foolishly choose Hard level if you are a new player, start with Easy level to access.

Download FNF Vs Immortal Sonic.exe ModDownload FNF Vs Immortal Sonic.exe Mod Soundtrack

The number of songs in this mod version cannot be compared with other FNF gamejolt download. Joining the game, you can only choose one of two available tracks to compete with Sonic guy. Those are I am Not a Hedgehog and Illusion, hopefully, new tracks will have in the future to give players more options.

The animations of the characters will change after each week of play to keep players interested. The developer will constantly add new content, you can also contribute ideas by contacting them. Don’t miss any week of playing this game because Sonic’s ability to play music will make you fun.

FNF mod sonic download this to participate in the exciting music competition with great tunes. FNF Sonic exe is ready to bring you a music experience like never before. This game is currently available on our website, you can download to play it now.

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