Friday Night Funkin vs Him

Free play Friday Night Funkin vs Him mod online and fight against a red astronaut. Complete songs in Friday Night Funkin vs Him and obtain the highest score!

Friday Night Funkin vs Him is a fun FNF mod containing a rap battle between Him and Boyfriend. Your goal is to help BF win the best score and beat his enemy soon.

Enjoy FNF Him mod full week with a few fantastic songs

There are four songs that you can experience when you join the current FNF Him unblocked. In other words, they include Him, What, Him Angered, and Confronting-Yourself. Besides, each of them has different melodies.

Friday Night Funkin vs Him Mod Download
Friday Night Funkin vs Him Mod Download

Play Friday Night Funkin vs Him mod online and become the winner quickly

Aside from these songs, there is an Erect difficulties level. In each battle of the mod, you should listen to the tunes and interact with musical notes rightfully. So, you can score and make the challenger weaken.

Download FNF Vs Him 1.5 UpdateDownload FNF Vs Him: 1.0Download FNF Vs Him Soundtrack

Thus, it’s essential for you to keep Boyfriend safe from attacks from his foes. Then, he’s capable of staying alive and joining a newer challenge. Are you ready to discover your story and finish it?

Friday Night Funkin vs Him online is one of the available FNF rhythm online games that everybody loves. In addition to feeling the melodies, it’s important to hit notes correctly.

How to play

Control musical notes in-game with arrow keys.

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