FNF Vs Hatsune Miku

How to play: Score by making arrow keys fit arrows on the screen.

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About FNF Vs Hatsune Miku

FNF Vs Hatsune Miku

FNF Vs Hatsune Miku mod game has 4 fresh songs and a cool rap battle. You begin as Boyfriend and you should perform your musical ability so you can win against Miku.

FNF Vs Hatsune Miku full-week game with two modes is available to choose from

It is an FNF unblocked online where you control the boy from the original Friday Night Funkin’ game. In addition to that, you will face a new opponent that is Hatsune Miku, a famous pretty singer. And then, both of you will join a rap battle in front of Girlfriend.

In this FNF Vs Hatsune Miku full week, there are Story and Freeplay game modes to select from. Besides, you can experience several songs consisting of Aishite, Disappearance, Popipo, and Siu.

FNF Vs Hatsune Miku is a mod with a familiar way to play

In FNF Vs Hatsune Miku HD, you will have to prove your talent by hitting notes that quickly appear when your turn comes. In other words, you’ll use arrow keys on the keyboard to capture those music notes to score.

Let’s explore your abilities in FNF Vs Hatsune Miku and conquer that sister!

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