FNF Vs Crash Bandicoot

Download FNF Vs Crash Bandicoot and join the rhythm war with Crash. There are up to 3 new songs to sing and many new contexts to explore.

Discover FNF Crash Bandicoot full week and enjoy fun songs with BF and GF. This time, Crash has a new journey where he will meet BF and have exciting rhythm fights.

Do you remember the tough and funny Crash character in the cartoon? He will become the main character in this Friday Night Funkin download and the rival of BF. You will play as BF and fight him in crazy music nights. Get ready with your keyboard and prepare for the nights to come here!

FNF Crash Bandicoot Week 2 Update 2
FNF Crash Bandicoot Week 2 Update 2

You can play 3 classic songs in this game including Wump, Crates and Spin. Each song will expose you to unique settings to play the vibrant beats. And you will accompany the characters in the process of conquering the song with the classic FNF mechanism.

Your job is to defeat Crash by conquering the tracks. But you just need to click the arrow keys properly to complete the rhythm without making too many mistakes. If you beat your opponent, you can unlock interesting cutscenes in the game to get to know the characters even more. So, it’s unique 2D cutscenes on a fun soundtrack.

Download Friday Night Wumpin Vs Crash BandicootDownload Friday Night Wumpin Vs Crash Bandicoot Soundtrack

The impressive point of this FNF Week 2 update is the images and music. The music is new and the visuals with cartoon style are quite impressive and friendly. The Crash image looks a bit newer than the original. Besides, the game context is also quite diverse, taking you to many places from the forest to the sea.

Are you ready to play FNF Crash Bandicoot? It will leave you restless with fast-paced music and fun characters. You will accompany BF in the fight with Crash and discover dozens of interesting things, so do it now!

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