FNF vs Aubrey Christmas

How to play: Use the arrow buttons to interact with the musical notes indicated on the screen

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About FNF vs Aubrey Christmas

FNF vs Aubrey Christmas

Another Christmas season has come in FNF with the FNF vs Aubrey Christmas mod version. Here, you will meet the girl Aubrey (Dreamworld) from OMORI with many notable changes.

There aren’t too many versions of FNF Christmas out there these days, and that’s pretty wasteful. Because Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year and is popular with many people. Therefore, the appearance of FNF vs Aubrey Christmas unblocked will help you feel the Christmas atmosphere even while playing FNF. The Christmas theme is the inspiration behind this mod version, so you will feel both familiar and unfamiliar when playing the game. This time, the BF guy’s opponent is the beautiful Aubrey with impressive music playing ability. The two will duet together in the context of white snow everywhere, which will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

The way of visual design in this online version of FNF Boyfriend has also changed markedly. Specifically, you will see hand-drawn strokes combined with blue ink when experiencing. The appearance of the girl Aubrey wearing a Christmas hat along with the image of a Christmas tree is also details not to be missed. Furthermore, the built-in “Merry” melody delivers both high and low notes for a sense of excitement. FNF mod full game is available on our website, you should download the game to your device to get a better overview.

Please support the creators of this mod through their social media:

  • saike: is Coder, Artist, Composer
  • Yoshifan33: Create the rules
  • Toby Fox: Create the original Merry CD
  • OMORI Team: Created OMORI and Aubrey for this mod
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