FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 Test

How to play: Use the arrow buttons or the mouse to interact with the characters

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About FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 Test

FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 Test

Xenophane Sonic has appeared in the FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 Test with many different looks. You need to show off your impressive playing skills if you want to defeat him.

Compared to FNF mod sonic exe 2.0, this version has a lot of notable improvements in appearance and new looks of Xenophane Sonic. You can explore the full range of this villain’s activities by tapping the virtual buttons on the screen. His actions will change as soon as you interact.

The gameplay of this game will not have too many changes compared to the original FNF versions. FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 mod online focuses on your ability to manipulate in music competitions. Just a few small mistakes or not keeping high concentration, Sonic will defeat you immediately.

Sonic animations will be fully demonstrated in this test version, you only need to use the mouse to interact. He will play music according to your designation, and the accompanying sound clips are also very impressive. If you find any errors, you should contact the developer so they can fix it in the nearest time.

If you are a fan of the famous FNF vs Sonic series, you should not ignore this FNF mod online unblocked at our website. Although not officially released yet, version 3.0 promises to bring unexpected changes to all players. First, log in to the test version to see what Sonic guy has changed.

Remember that FNF Sonic.exe 3.0 Test is just an incomplete version of the famous game of the same name. Things will change dramatically as soon as the original game officially launches on the web platform. Therefore, you need to wait a little longer to enjoy the most attractive content of this game.

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