FNF: Fanmade Vs. Tricky Phase 3

How to play: Use your arrow keys on your keyboard to play this game

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About FNF: Fanmade Vs. Tricky Phase 3

FNF: Fanmade Vs. Tricky Phase 3

Friday Night Funkin vs Tricky Phase 3 free online is a fanmade version of the famous original Friday Night Funkin. Although this is just a Friday Night Funkin fanmade version, you can enjoy this game immediately.

Description of FNF Tricky Phase 3

In this fanmade version, we will fight against Tricky – the Clown of this game. He has red hair and a scary face though. In this version, he is so angry that he can not do anything except turning into a huge monster and thread all people of that Friday Night Funkin.

You will try to defeat Tricky by using your music. What you can do is try to follow and do the music better than Tricky by using your arrow keys on your keyboard to finish your round as fast as you can and got the highest score as you can. However, if you lose at one type, you will lose your blood and if you run out of them, you will lose the game and has to restart from the beginning to play again. So let try out thí game show people your skills to defeat the bad guy.

Mods of FNF

This fanmade version is all created and fix by JustBruh. From Coder, Animation to Charting, he made it on his own.

Developer of Original Tricky

  • Tricky is made up by those people:
  • Banbuds: He is the Director, Artist, and Animator of this game
  • Rozebud: Musician and Touch-ups
  • Kave Developer: Program for this fanmade
  • Cval: Charting, offsetting

Developer of Original Friday Night Funkin

  • Ninja_muffin99 and KadeDev are those who program for FNF games
  • PhantomArcade3k and Evilsk8r is contribute their drawing.
  • Kawaisprites: the composer of those Wonderful songs in this game.

This game is worth for you to try and enjoy after hours at your work office. So let open this game and indulge in fantastic music. And if you try this game already, you can go and try another games in this series.

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