FNF Baddies

How to play: Conquer rhythm songs with the arrow keys

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About FNF Baddies

FNF Baddies

FNF Baddies unblocked will lead you into a musical show with a complicated story between many characters. You will have many songs to play and many cutscenes to explore.

This Friday Night Funkin mod is very close to the original FNF but it has many notable new points. This time, you will accompany BF on a frantic journey as he must sing and rap against formidable characters. He will have up to 2 weeks to play and many songs to discover.

In the first week, you’ll be up against Stephanie, a radical group and a huge fan of BF. They will challenge you in songs like “Uhoh”, “Drift”, “Insane” and “Encounter”. If you can stay awake after these songs, you can continue to week two, where you play the song “Kagayaku Kassetto” with the cool Cassette Girl.

The gameplay mechanics here are no different from other FNF skill games. You will use the arrow keys to conquer the rhythms of each song. You need to make sure there are not too many mistakes to score a perfect score and beat your opponent. So, it’s a condition for you to unlock and access new cutscenes and songs.

It’s the thoughtful investment in music and visuals that make this game one of the best arcade games ever. It has thousands of plays on online web platforms and is now free for you. Let’s go with BF and see how many songs you can conquer here.

A lot of people are interested in the FNF new game release date, but FNF Baddies is one of the best they’ve found. It is a great new mod with a good storyline, high-end music and diverse visuals. The movements are also very smooth, giving a refreshing feeling of playing music.

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