Five Night Funkin vs Suit

How to play: Use your arrow keys on your keyboard to follow the rhythm

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About Five Night Funkin vs Suit

Five Night Funkin vs Suit

Friday Night Funkin vs Suit unblocked is a mod of the famous game Friday Night Funkin. With various great songs and easy gameplay, this game is worth it for you to try. Now you can play it when

Gameplay of Friday Night Funkin vs Suit

In this mod, your character will meet Suit. He is a silly robot with a black complete. Moreover, this comple is really suiting him. As always, you will compete with him in music. You have the arrow keys and what you can do to play that try to catch up with the rhythm, finish those songs as perfectly as you can. The more perfect your performance becomes, the easier to defeat your opponent. In contrast, if you can not catch up with the rhythm and miss too many arrows, you will lose this round. So, If you want to give it another try, you have to restart that round and play it again, try to finish it.

It hears so simple, however, you will spend hours playing this game because of those cool graphics, great songs, and attractive games. Therefore, this game is so attractive to players. You will enjoy deeply while playing this game.

The mod credit of this version

  • SUIT_P4: The man who gets the idea and also a charter.
  • XavNG: The composer for those songs and a charter
  • TobyComics: Who responsible for this FNF Mod’s graphic
  • Sovet: Who write code for this Mod.

The original credit of Friday Night Funkin game

  • ninja_muffin99 and KadeDev: responsible for program
  • PhantomArcade3k and Evilsk8r: Those who contribute those beautiful graphics to this game
  • Kawaisprite: Composer for this game.

This FNF game is interesting enough for you to play and enjoy after working hard at your office. So let open this FNF Suit online and indulge in those great songs with attractive graphics. Moreover, there are many other FNF mod games to play if you interest in this kind of game. So go and try them immediately.

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