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Contact us via email is the best way for you to handle issues related to the game experience. Do not hesitate, because you are contributing to development.

If you have a problem about FNF online, the game doesn’t work, the feature doesn’t work, requires adding new versions… please comment or send a message to our email for help.

How to contact us?

Currently, we only provide one communication solution that is via email address. Your outstanding questions will be resolved as soon as possible, as long as you send the correct address Our technicians and customer service staff are always ready to help you get the best experience.

Does sending a request to annoy the admin?

Of course not, FNF online game always works well, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t generate errors. Your requests will help us find errors and fix them quickly instead of finding out on our own.

And we always want to create the best playground for our users, so don’t hesitate to contribute ideas for the best development. Besides, you should read through the terms of use to get a better overview of our website.

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Ivy is a huge fan of music rhythm games, especially FNF. Ivy oftens looking for new music rhythm games to experience in their spare time. Thereby, she will relieve pressure after stressful working and studying hours.

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